Gas Scooters Safety Rules For Staying Alive!

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By following a few safety measures gas scooters can be as safe as any vehicle on the road. However, taken lightly, gas scooters can cause serious injury or even death.

Gas motor scooters are often thought of as toys, innocent and cheap fun. But it's exactly that type of thinking that can get a gas scooter driver into deep trouble. First and foremost scooters are motor vehicles just like motorcycles and automobiles. They share the road with other cars and trucks and are subject to similar laws and regulations. And although they are an object of desire for many they can be dangerous for the unexperienced or unprepared.

As a general rule gas powered scooters are regulated by state laws as either motorcycles or mopeds and are subject to similar regulations as these other motor vehicles. By staying alert and using caution many accidents can be avoided. Most accidents arise due to carelessness. By paying attention to what is going on around you and what other drivers are doing you can feel relatively safe out on the highway.

There are two things that cause the majority of accidents, speeding and following too closely to the vehicle ahead. Driving safely is all about giving other drivers enough reaction time. If another driver wants to change into your lane directly in front of you it may cause you to lose control if you are speeding and haven't enough time to react. Without enough time to slow down this maneuver by the other driver may require you to move into another lane to avoid him. This can affect other drivers in other lanes which is the beginning of many accidents.

Another major mistake that many gas scooter drivers make is following too closely. When the person ahead of you suddenly slams on the brakes you need enough time to slow down comfortably. Ramming into the back of someone's car is not what you want to do, especially when you are driving a small scooter without any protection around you. By following the speed limits and giving yourself enough room to slow down if something unexpected should happen in front of you most accidents can be prevented.

The third problem arises when gas powered scooters are purchased for use by children and teenagers who do not even possess a valid driver's license. Drivers with licenses may not be any safer on the road than unlicensed drivers, but at least they have had some training and experience behind the wheel of a car. Children and teenagers without any training can be an accident waiting to happen when it comes to motor scooters. Without any experience or training children and young teenagers can quickly find themselves in positions that experienced drivers normally would not.

Kids have been known to throw caution into the wind, darting in and out of traffic without a clue as to the dangers. On gas scooters that are so small they can't be seen well by other drivers, and without much driving experience or training, kids will pose a hazard to both themselves and the other motorists they come in contact with.

Parents should be strongly cautioned to have their children receive the proper amount of training on their gas power scooters before they are allowed onto the busy city streets. Find a deserted road and put them through a training session. The life a parent saves may be his own children's. Only after a parent feels comfortable with his child's driving skills should they allow the child onto the busier streets. By making sure that our children know the safety rules of the road we are decreasing their chances of being involved in a serious accident. Before we can legally drive a car on the highway we must all pass certain tests. Why should it be any different for younger kids?

Gas or electric scooters are wonderful little vehicles that are fun to drive, cheap to buy and are very handy for traveling short distances around the neighborhood to perform errands. They usually have larger storage room than a motorcycle and are very inexpensive to operate. There are many reasons for owning a gas scooter, but in the hands of the untrained and inexperienced they can be deadly.

The ATV, go carts, dirt bikes and mini bikes are other vehicles that are often owned and operated by younger drivers. But they are usually not seen on the city streets as scooters are. Go karts are typically driven on tracks specifically designed for the go cart. And the mini bike, dirt bike or ATVs are typically driven off road. These other vehicles avoid many of the dangers that scooter drivers must face, namely traffic on the busy highway.

Gas scooters are quite popular these days, especially among the younger market who are too young to drive cars yet. Without proper training for these kids it opens the door to possible serious accidents. As the worldwide popularity of gas scooters grows we need to make sure that people's awareness of driving and safety regulations keeps pace, especially among the kids that have no previous drivers experience.

Kids often think of gas scooters as toys, not as potentially dangerous vehicles. But a scooter is not a toy. It is a motor vehicle that is subject to certain laws and regulations. People need to be aware of the potential scooter dangers and remain alert while driving at all times. They should not drive erratically, but be predictable and courteous to other drivers on the road. They should follow the speed limits and remain a safe distance behind other vehicles. Kids should receive proper training before being allowed on the busier streets. By taking these few safety precautions we can help ensure a fun safe driving experience for all.